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About Us

Explore! Learn! Create! was “born” many years ago...

I was pregnant with our youngest child, it was nearly Christmas and our boys were pre-occupied with their Christmas lists... suddenly they asked “What would yooou like for Christmas, mummy?”

I considered it and then it suddenly dawned on me – no more boring accountant! I want a toy shop!

This was a time before smart phones and the choice for parents and children we enjoy today was simply not there... Like many parents at the time we felt frustrated by the drab or garish plastic sameness on the high street... too many TV characters...

We were also lucky because my husband’s parents spent several years in Germany and brought such wonderful wooden toys for us.

Having decided that I want to run a toy shop I soon discovered that there are many excellent designers and manufacturers of toys (mainly in Europe) but their toys never make it to our high street.

We used to have a real toy shop in Lichfield, Staffordshire. It was right in the centre in Market Street and we always had lots of toys out of the boxes - so there were always children in the shop playing!

We had many happy years in the toy shop - many thanks to all our lovely customers young and old - but we had to close the shop...

The website offers a good selection of toys and games from the best specialist toy manufacturers

Please let us know if you have any questions about the toys we sell or if you have any suggestions how we can make improve the website for you.

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