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The inspiration for Explore Learn Create came in equal measure from two sources. The first is our children and the other one is the toys.

Everything a child does is done in the name of exploring, learning and creating. Children themselves call it “play” or “fun” and, of course, is should be! We soon discovered that many of the best, truly beautiful products designed to stimulate and promote development and well being of children are simply not available on the average high street. The other thing often lacking on high street is advice and information firstly, about toys themselves and, secondly, about development and learning. We try to address these issues by providing large pictures, detailed descriptions of toys, and play value suggestions and pointers.

So, here is a brief introduction to some of the brands we sell. Where available we provide a link to the manufacturer’s website. This is for two reasons: so that you can find out more about them and also so that you can see their full range. Please let us know if you would like to order items you see on our featured manufacturers websites, even if they are not currently listed on our website. We would be delighted to order them for you and/or answer any questions about them you may have.

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Haba is a German toymaker whose origins go back to 1938. Over the years Haba developed from a maker of fine wooden toys to a manufacturer of high quality products for children ranging from jewellery to furniture. The Haba brand was built on excellent quality, product reliability and environmental awareness.

Haba products are distinguished by many awards for innovative design, quality and the environmentally friendly use of materials. It is after all a happy combination of design and quality that make toys of lasting fun and lasting quality.

Unmistakable design incorporating simple form, bright colours and outstanding workmanship make Haba products so attractive to children as well as adults and ensure that they remain as fresh and bright after years of play.

Haba furniture is made from solid Scandinavian birch and is designed to last for many years and to grow (sometimes, quite literally) with your children. Innovative design features will transform your living and playing spaces. A range of accessories such as rugs, clocks, lights, hooks, cushions and beanbags will leave you breathless and spoilt for choice.

To truly appreciate the depth and breadth of furniture and accessories ranges from Haba please click here to go to the furniture ranges on Haba website. Just click on the UK flag on the left hand side to switch the text to English.

Some of the smaller items of Haba furniture and accessories are available from us for immediate despatch, larger items will normally require 28 days for delivery. If you find that Haba’s innovative and colourful furniture strikes a chord with you – please give us a call or drop a line and we would be delighted to order any item from Haba Furniture and Accessories ranges.

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Selecta Spielzeug AG

Selecta is another well established German manufacturer producing distinctive, stylish wooden toys and other products for children, which are well known for their practical fun and exceptionally high quality.

Selecta is based in the Bavarian Alps and the products are predominantly made from local wood. These are preferably hard wood species, such as maple because this ensures lasting quality over many years of happy play. Selecta is a responsible manufacturer committed to sustainable forest management in order to maintain the ecological system of the local forests.

Selecta Spielzeug were one of the first manufacturers to improve the surfaces of baby toys with beeswax. This gives Selecta toys a soft, velvety seal which allows the warm golden tones of the wood to shine through and the natural aroma appeals to and helps develop the senses of the children.

Selecta use a special heat transfer printing process to print colourful illustrations onto wood. This process achieves a particular colour brilliance and a robust surface which is also scratch and saliva resistant and washable. The colours will stay bright over many years of intensive use.

Please click here to see the full range of Selecta toys and products.

If you would like to order items not currently on our website, please call or email us – and we would be delighted to help you.

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Gotz Dolls

High quality materials, outstanding workmanship and engaging faces made Gotz play dolls famous and sought after not only in Europe but in the rest of the world. Gotz play doll collection includes a wide variety of dolls, dolls clothes and accessories and is designed to appeal to girls from toddlers up to age 6 and older.

Doll’s hair is rooted into the scalp, so that it can be washed, brushed and styled again and again. High quality eyes are inserted by hand and specially produced eyelashes enhance the natural look of Gotz dolls. The outfits are designed and produced with as much care as children’s outfits. They can be washed repeatedly without losing their looks. Some dolls have vinyl bodies, which means that they are fully articulated and suitable for bath time play. Other dolls have vinyl head and limbs with soft fabric bodies filled with wool and/or fine granules. Over the years Gotz play dolls have won many awards including Dr Toy 100 Best Children’s Products (USA), National Parenting Publications Award (USA), Spiel Gut (Germany).

Voila and Santoys

While Germany is a well known and well established centre for excellence in wooden and traditional toy making in Europe, over the recent years a new centre for fine wooden toys , educational games and chidlren’s furniture has emerged in the South East Asia – in Thailand.
Wooden toys manufactured in Thailand are made from rubber wood – indigenous and renewable natural resource. Rubber wood is obtained from rubber wood plantations. Typically, after 25 years a tree stops to produce latex for commercial benefit and is then cut down and used for production of wooden toys, furniture and other products.

The best toy manufacturers in Thailand put as much effort, dedication and commitment to the welfare of the customers, workers and the environment as the best European toy manufacturers. They produce toys which comply with all the relevant toy safety standards in Europe, the USA and locally. Many of the toys made in Thailand win international and national awards for quality, design and play value.

Please click here to see the full range of Voila! toys and products.
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